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My life story?
It's complicated.. lol but all that I've been through helped me to be the person I am today-- responsible and strong. Not to brag.

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Lamentations 3: 22- 24 <3 #favorite #scripture #bible #somuchlove #thankyouJehovah #preach

June 19, 2014

For someone who sleeps through earthquakes and smoke alarms, this is somewhat of a miracle. HAHAHA but I prayed for it and now I thank Jehovah, because this is not possible without his hand :-)

June 18, 2014 01:28 am

Minsan gusto kong itanong, “Bakit?” “Bakit ako?” “Paano naman ako?” Minsan gusto ko maging selfish at unahin ang sarili ko, abutin yung goals ko, gawin yung gusto ko, sulitin ang kabataan ko. Pero titignan ko ang mga kapatid ko at magtatanong ulit, “Paano naman sila kung wala ako?”

Ganyan ang pamilya, hindi ka iiwan. Laging magkasama. Parang KANIN! At ganyan ang pag-ibig, inuuna ang kapakanan ng iba bago ang sarili.


Salamat po sa mga nakinig ng pag-emote ko ngayong gabi. HAHAHA jk




Do you know who this bible character is? ;) #bible #games #thewho #jw #jehovahswitness

No answers? :3

This is a hard one… But because of the references to the book of Ezra. I’m going to say King Cyrus.

Correct! :D
There were more clues but I had to crop some of them out.
You got it though ;)

Do you know who this bible character is? ;) #bible #games #thewho #jw #jehovahswitness

Atleast even external sources acknowledge that Jehovah is God’s name. Please use it instead of just titles! #preach #googleplaybooks #dictionary #jehovahswitness #jw

Today’s text about the anglo-american world power reminded me that we are living in the last days. I’ve been losing my sense of urgency and then this woke me up. The stone is about to hit the feet. This is it guys. The last world power and the end of human rulership.

We’re still spiritually awake right? Lol Just checking!! Love you all x)

No time to waste on worldly stuff. Time to save some peeps here! Who’s pioneering this summer?! Let’s do it!! ;)

#psalms #father #God #scripture #bibleverse #love #jw #jehovahswitness #preach

With a love to time indefinite I have loved you… #fave #scripture #bibleverse #jeremiah #postitnotes #bible #flowers #jw #jehovahswitness

Of course, every house is constructed by someone, but the one who constructed all things is God.
Hebrews 3: 4

The past circuit assembly has been fun and encouraging! I had my first pioneer meeting with the circuit too. Thank you brothers and sisters and especially Jah for the love <3 #jw #jehovahswitness #circuitassembly #pioneermeeting #love #cake #yum #sweets #redribbon #mocha

Fear the true God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole obligation of man.
Ecclesiastes 12: 13

You were crossing the street, but a truck was coming very fast at you. Your life flashed before your eyes. You knew you were going to die. A man pushed you aside and he died to save your life. Would you go to that man’s funeral?

That is what Jesus did for us (though not literally). He died so that we may have hope of everlasting life in the future. (John 3: 16) We are inviting everyone to join us in remembering the sacrifice Jesus made for us and show appreciation for his and his Father’s love for humankind. (Luke 22: 19)

The memorial of his death is going to be on April 14, 2014, after sunset. For more information on the venue and exact time (and for all other questions), please contact the nearest kingdom hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses (:


There is something I don’t understand about Christianity.

In many bibles, like my King James bible, God’s name is God or Lord.
PS 83:18 - Let them know that thou alone whose name is the LORD, art the Most High over all the earth.

However, in the Jehovah’s Witness…

YHWH (tetragramaton) is how God’s name appears in its original language. In English translation, it is Jehovah. I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and I really appreciate that the New World Translation restored God’s name into it’s proper places.

Some translations only put GOD or LORD, but those are just titles. In the bible, Jesus was also referred to as lord. Satan is also the god of this system of things. Sure, the true God would know you are talking to Him. But when developing relationships with a friend, one of the first steps to being closer to them is knowing their names… Same is true with Jehovah God. That’s why we preach his name from house to house! :)

Thank you for being open minded and doing research on the matter. Let me know if you have other questions!! ;)

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